Three Hot Home Design Trends

Did you know that in addition to being one of the world’s largest door manufacturers, Masonite, also operates the industry’s largest privately owned research and development center? Dubbed the Masonite Innovation Center (MIC), this facility houses an elite team of designers who lead the company’s product development and testing.

So, what has the MIC identified as the hottest design trends for 2012?

1)      Evolving wood grains

  • Traditional (but timeless) decorative woods such as oak are now sharing the spotlight with grain patterns like fir and cherry. Why?
    • As new home construction and remodeling projects are being designed around an open concept, more homeowners are selecting matching grain patterns for their doors, cabinetry and floors to create a cohesive design story.
    • These wood species are being carefully chosen for their smaller grain patterns for a cleaner design aesthetic.
    • One of the most popular grain patterns is fir, because it is especially easy to paint and finish.

2)      Growing demand for contemporary design

  • The buying power of Generation X and Y is continuing to grow quickly.  With different design preferences than their parents and grandparents, these homeowners tend to steer clear of the stuffy traditional looks and prefer a cleaner, more contemporary style.
  • They are also more likely to decorate their homes according to personal design tastes instead of potential resale value.

3)      Handcrafted beauty, architectural details are in.

  • Craftsman-inspired looks continue to grow in popularity as the clean and simple aesthetic reflects the design tastes of more and more homeowners. 

The craftsman style epitomizes a handcrafted, uniquely American look and is increasingly being used in homes that aren’t traditionally Craftsman in appearance.

         What is your favorite Home Design Trend?

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