An Enduring Grand Entrance

Masonite TorrefiedYou may not realize it, but your front door speaks volumes about your home. Think of it as the maître d’ who greets your guests and tells them what to expect before stepping inside. Unfortunately, not all doors say great things about their owners. Some are cracked with peeling paint while others are dented and rusting. If you’re concerned about the message your door is sending, here are some considerations for finding the perfect replacement.

Today there are a multitude of entry door design options.  But before you start shopping for a new entry door, let’s focus on the most popular materials: fiberglass, steel and wood. When compared to doors of ten years ago, today’s doors are stronger, more durable and available in a wider array of materials. If you’re worried about durability, first start by selecting a reputable door manufacturer with a history of product success.  Remember, this is an investment in your home’s lifestyle statement.


Selecting the proper material is like selecting the proper attire. So much depends on personal preference and the home’s architectural style as well as performance requirements..

Fiberglass – Fiberglass is a relatively new door material.  It’s very low maintenance, which means it won’t dent or rust and is resistant to splitting, cracking and warping. And, fiberglass doors are very strong and secure. It’s durability makes it a great option for homeowners in harsh climates and humid environments.  Its foam core offers more insulation than wood. Fiberglass doors are available in smooth or realistic wood grain textured finishes and can be painted or stained.. With its raised moulding and decorative glass options, the Barrington Fiberglass Door Collection from Masonite is a perfect example of the high performance and elegant beauty provided by fiberglass..  According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report 2013, installing fiberglass doors gives homeowners an ROI of 65.9 percent.

Steel – When superior security and affordability are top priorities, you want to look at steel doors.  Like fiberglass, steel resists splitting and cracking. It is easy to paint and can be outfitted with a variety of panel and glass options. Because steel can rust, it needs to be in a protected area if the home is subject to harsh weather conditions. If you want to replicate the look of a smooth wood door, the Masonite Sta-Tru® HD Steel Doors feature a factory-applied, prefinished white durable surface and a high-definition panel profile as well as Specialty™ glass options. Additionally, installing a steel entry door tops the list of projects with the highest ROI with an impressive 85.6% of costs recouped.Steel

Wood – Wood remains the material of choice for some people. For some people, there is no substitute for the weight and texture of a real wood door. For others, concerns about warping, splitting and rotting are hard to ignore. If you are a wood lover, look for pre-finished wood doors with durable stains. Because wood is sensitive to moisture as well as sun, a wood door needs to be protected from these elements to last longer. If you’ve experienced wood durability frustrations but love its beauty consider the new Lemieux Torrefied Collection from Masonite.  The recently introduced collection of premium exterior wood doors undergo a protective torrefaction process that eliminates its tendency to rot. The torrefaction process also gives the doors increased resistance to heat, cold and moisture. Plus, Lemieux Torrefied Doors are backed by a 20-year guarantee. For warranty details visit

Cost Vs Value

In addition to making a strong first impression, your front door could also be raising your home’s value. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report 2013, steel entry doors and fiberglass entry doors are both high-value projects. Steel doors topped the list of popular remodeling projects with an estimated ROI of 85.6 percent. Fiberglass doors also give homeowners a nice ROI at 65.9 percent.

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Once you’ve learned about the different materials and considerations, it’s time to do some shopping. The Masonite website has several tools to help you get started. You can find product galleries with photos of the extensive fiberglass and steel door collections with or without glass options. Plus, you can design and price your door easily with the MAX Configurator, because when you are installing the perfect option, it’s always important to stay on budget.

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    Definitely opt for the steel security entry doors guys! Not only do they stand the test of time but they are also super durable! On average it takes a burglar 12 seconds to try and break into a home. After that he usually gives up and moves onto the next easy target. 34% of all home burglaries are through a front door by an intruder simply either kicking the door open or disabling the lock and entering. Weak doors allow easy access for this to occur! Steel Security Entrance doors all the way!


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