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Extending a Warm Welcome to 2013: Door Design and Color

Belleville Smooth 1 panel plank 12 lite w Element glassWHAT DOES THE COLOR OF YOUR DOOR SAY ABOUT YOU?

If your new year’s resolutions call for giving your home a welcoming new appearance and greater curb appeal, look no farther than decorating your front door to add punch and pizazz. A mini-makeover may require nothing more than a can of paint, or if you’re looking for a more dramatic boost, consider replacing your existing door with a new design that suits your personality and the architectural style of your home.



What does the color of your door say about you? Is it warm and inviting? Dramatic and bold? Or understated and elegant? Masonite has so many choices of stain and color finishes available for its doors. But if you have a very special color in mind for your entry door, such as the Pantone color of the year, Masonite wood doors are easy to paint; just follow the instructions. And, Masonite fiberglass and steel doors also can be stained or painted for a custom appearance.


With Mad Men mania and the midcentury modern movement sweeping the nation, Gay Pennell Payne, owner of DIY Decorating Plan, says she is seeing a proliferation of colors like teal, aqua and apple green. “You definitely can stand out in a neighborhood if you add color tastefully, like a pretty robin’s egg blue,” she says. “You can put your house number on the door as opposed to just on your mailbox, and buy retro door knobs with star and triangle back plates. It’s a simple addition that makes a huge difference. I’ve been told that the No. 1 style that attracts buyers when selling a house right now is midcentury modern. The second is craftsman, and the third is traditional, so midcentury updates are a smart move.”


Belleville Smooth 2 panelFIND A FAVORITE

The easiest way to make your door look great year-round, and in every season, is to find a design you truly love. Payne is a particular fan of the Masonite Belleville Smooth BLS- Full Lite, but the options for homeowners are abundant. We’re especially smitten with the latest styles on the market, which include the Belleville® Fiberglass 2-Panel Door Collection and the Barrington® Sierra Fiberglass 1-Panel Plank Camber Top Door. The Belleville door combines great architecture with a high-definition panel profile, while the Barrington Sierra fiberglass door is designed to complement Southwest-, Spanish- or Mediterranean-style homes and has a beautiful mahogany texture.


On-trend Masonite doors lay the foundation for beautiful decorations that can shift with the seasons. Once you own a Masonite entry door you adore, décor becomes the jewelry that makes you love it even more.

Part 2- A Warm Welcome Forget decking the halls—it’s fall! Prep for all the fun of the season by adding creative décor to your entry doors.

When you’re out of ideas, a must-try tactic is to follow your favorite interior designers, magazines and retail stores on Facebook, where your news feed will routinely fill with stupendous ideas for styling your entryway. Payne, for that matter, is quickly becoming an addict of Pinterest, the site that’s created a craze of creative new folks. “With Pinterest, everybody has the opportunity to be creative. There’s a wealth of information and images that had not been at our fingertips before,” she says. The designer’s been seeing a ton of fabulous tricks for door decorating from the friends and media outlets she follows there, from oversize monograms, to contemporary square wreaths, to a hodge podge of picture frames painted in the prevailing color palette. For fall, use a few yard sale frames painted yellow, orange and brown. Come Christmas, shake up the spray cans and lacquer them again shades of green, gold and crimson. It’s a clever way for, say, college students in apartment building or homeowners in subdivisions to make their homes stand apart from lookalike neighbors.

You can source a surplus of ready-made wreaths, faux leaves and pliable ribbons at craft and decor stores. Even some retailers’ garden sections offer an array of seasonal items to quickly spruce up your door. Need a little more design inspiration? Try Pottery Barn, suggests Payne. “From the moment you walk in the store, you’ll see new ways to put things together. It’s classy, it’s classic and the seasonal decorating classes to teach you how to create those looks at home. It’s definitely worth checking out the class calendar.”

For a Masonite wood entry door, all you need is a nail and wire or a door hanger. But many Masonite doors are made of high-quality fiberglass or steel, so you’d never deign to drill a permanent hole in them. Yet this shouldn’t stop you from festooning the front with festive trinkets. “One of the things I like to do with Masonite doors is use fasteners or hooks. They leave no marks and they have a clean look,” Payne says. And in lieu of the typical hangers that hang on a door, there are magnet hangers that can be purchased at big-box retailers. If you do opt for the old-school door hanger, take measures to make it chic. “When I use a normal door hanger, I always paint it to match my door,” explains Payne. “Some people use fabric to cover them, but I don’t love that look. Use a little spray paint, and it doesn’t stand out. People pay more attention to what you’ve got hanging instead.”

A Warm Welcome: Forget decking the halls—it’s fall! Prep for all the fun of the season by adding creative décor to your entry doors.

Ahhh. The cooler days are finally upon us. With the leaves falling and Thanksgiving on the way, we felt compelled to give our Masonite doors a little lift. So we talked to Atlanta-based designer Gay Pennell Payne for a number of tips. Through her company, DIY Decorating Plan, Payne teaches clients to add fun and attractive touches to their homes—and how to do it themselves. Much of that, of course, comes down to doors. Payne proclaims she’s “a door person.” As she tells it: “I love doors. I love French doors. I love unique doors. On my Pinterest page, I actually have a section called “Door Love,” because doors, to me, are the introduction to your home. They say so much about you and your personality. Whenever I see a really cool door, I always think that there must be a really cool person living inside that house, because they’ve taken the time to think about the first impression they’re showing to the world.” We couldn’t agree more.

We know that entry doors sell the home, and decorating that door is a tremendous part of that first impression. One of the biggest trends Payne is seeing at the moment is the showing of team spirit—especially in gung-ho college towns. “From hound’s tooth hats for Crimson Tide to hanging pendants that show school spirit, sports memorabilia is everywhere.” Burlap is big, too, she adds. This inexpensive fabric works wonderfully outdoors, because it wears well in all weather and comes in a range of vibrant colors. Browns and oranges are big for autumn and, as Payne explains crafty folks are using it to create shapes like footballs or pumpkins to adhere to their front doors as adorable ornaments.

Crisp autumn days invite a host of new decorating inspirations. Fall foliage is a given—think leaves, grape vines, pumpkins, mums, autumn wreaths, corn husks and corn cobs. But as Payne points out, you can venture far beyond that. “There’s a big trend happening right now, and it’s all about returning to our roots and the industrial age,” she notes, offering a couple suggestions for jumping on that bandwagon: Hang garden tools on the door to tribute a time of harvest. Fill a Mason jar with natural elements gathered in the yard, and place an electric tea light inside to set the scheme aglow. Your neighbors will be dazzled. If you’re out of ideas, just visit the art store. Grab a glue gun to take home, and you’ll be surprised by all you can accomplish. One example Payne loves? Little banners spanning your entryway that spell out family surnames or phrases such as “Happy Fall or Happy Autumn.”

Masonite Donates Doors to San Diego Habitat for Humanity

We recently donated the entry and interior doors to San Diego Habitat for Humanity (SDHFH) build in Imperial Beach, Calif. The 12-month project began in June and consists of four new homes for well-deserving families in the area.

“The entry and interior doors donation from Masonite was a perfect fit for our organization,” said Lori Holt Pfeiler, executive director at San Diego Habitat for Humanity. “The Masonite donation allows us to build quality homes while ensuring the families have the durability, low maintenance and piece-of-mind that come with owning Masonite doors. Plus, the Masonite exterior doors will help the families improve their energy efficiency and help lower energy bills.”

The Masonite donation of more than 35 doors will help complete the 1,300 sq. foot, single-family homes. Volunteers from The Home Depot installed the entry doors in mid-June and the interior doors were installed in late July.

“Masonite is honored to donate our entry and interior door products to San Diego Habitat for Humanity,” said Gail Auerbach, senior vice president of human resources for Masonite. ”We commend this wonderful organization and the ways they help their community.”

Given the coastal climate, Masonite upgraded SDHFH’s request for steel entry doors to fiberglass entry doors since fiberglass offers a longer and more sustainable performance. The Imperial Beach project broke ground in April and the homes are being built on Florida Street.

San Diego Habitat for Humanity (SDHFH), the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, is a nonprofit organization that builds simple, decent and affordable homes for ownership by local families in need. Habitat partner families are selected on the basis of housing need, willingness to partner with Habitat and ability to repay a 0% interest mortgage loan.

Habitat for Humanity exists through volunteer labor and contributions of money, land and materials, including purchases and donations to ReStore, SDHFH’s building supply thrift store. For more information, visit

Custom Door Design Right Before Your Very Eyes

Choosing a new entry door can be a daunting task. With a range of door styles from traditional to modern,  glass designs and other door options, the selection process can be extremely complex.  But not anymore.  Masonite is making it easier than ever with its new online tool Max – an “xpress door configurator.”  Just a few mouse clicks reveals your dream door design, making it a breeze to revise and edit as you like.  Plus, you’ll get a total door package price and convenient list of dealer locations where to buy.

Four Clicks to a Grand Entry:

1)      Select door style

  • Customize your door without the custom cost.  Choose from fiberglass textured, smooth or steel from an array of door panel designs with complementary sidelites and transoms.

2)       Select glass designs

  • Peruse over 21 beautiful decorative glass designs in a range of shapes and sizes to complete your door.

3)      Add performance options

  • Looking for low-e impact glass or fire-rated doors – this is where you’ll find them.

4)      Choose color and finish

  • Once more click and you can select your color and finish or you can choose to finish it yourself.

See your door design appear after each click with the price.  Upload your home entryway photo to get an even better look at how your new design will turn out.

Change your mind? No problem, just update your selection and you’ll see a new door image with price reappear.

Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can get an instant quote and a list of local dealers to serve you.

Perhaps the best part? There’s a live chat feature to connect directly with a customer service agent.

Check out MAX at and design a new entry door that will add character to your home!

Three Hot Home Design Trends

Did you know that in addition to being one of the world’s largest door manufacturers, Masonite, also operates the industry’s largest privately owned research and development center? Dubbed the Masonite Innovation Center (MIC), this facility houses an elite team of designers who lead the company’s product development and testing.

So, what has the MIC identified as the hottest design trends for 2012?

1)      Evolving wood grains

  • Traditional (but timeless) decorative woods such as oak are now sharing the spotlight with grain patterns like fir and cherry. Why?
    • As new home construction and remodeling projects are being designed around an open concept, more homeowners are selecting matching grain patterns for their doors, cabinetry and floors to create a cohesive design story.
    • These wood species are being carefully chosen for their smaller grain patterns for a cleaner design aesthetic.
    • One of the most popular grain patterns is fir, because it is especially easy to paint and finish.

2)      Growing demand for contemporary design

  • The buying power of Generation X and Y is continuing to grow quickly.  With different design preferences than their parents and grandparents, these homeowners tend to steer clear of the stuffy traditional looks and prefer a cleaner, more contemporary style.
  • They are also more likely to decorate their homes according to personal design tastes instead of potential resale value.

3)      Handcrafted beauty, architectural details are in.

  • Craftsman-inspired looks continue to grow in popularity as the clean and simple aesthetic reflects the design tastes of more and more homeowners. 

The craftsman style epitomizes a handcrafted, uniquely American look and is increasingly being used in homes that aren’t traditionally Craftsman in appearance.

         What is your favorite Home Design Trend?

How to choose an energy efficient door

Green home products are in high demand, and with good reason. They’re beneficial to the environment and can save homeowners money. Masonite offers the following tips for homeowners looking to purchase eco-friendly doors.

  • Choose doors made from renewable resources. Solid wood doors are beautiful, but there are more sustainable alternatives that reduce the amount of trees harvested. For example, Masonite offers many of its interior doors in the Safe ‘N Sound® Emerald™ option, which has a core made of rapidly renewable wheat straw.
  • Look for ENERGY STAR® rated door systems, which meet strict installation guidelines set by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy. (As an added bonus, did you know that using ENERGY STAR products can reduce home energy bills by up to one-third?)
  • Request doors that use low emission adhesives and sealants to improve indoor air quality. Masonite’s Safe ‘N Sound doors use low emission adhesives and are available in hollow and solid core.

Armed with a little bit of knowledge, you can be confident you’re choosing a door that will benefit your home and our planet. Check out all of our eco-friendly doors at


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We know your home is the ultimate expression of personal style and taste and we believe the saying, “A door is a preview to the room you are about to enter.” So if you are planning a home renovation, or just want to change up your décor, keep in mind that a new door can change the look and feel of a space just like artwork or a fresh coat of paint.


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